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The Shipwize Calculator app gives users the ability to estimate freight and custom charges, sign up for Shipwize services, login to track packages and keep up to date with the latest Shipwize news via social media. This app was my first and it was designed to be very minimal and show distraction free information.

  • Main features list:
  • Estimate freight charges.
  • Estimate customs charges.
  • Share results to friends and family.
  • Register for Shipwize services.
  • Login to track packages.
  • Contact Shipwize via the app.
  • Keep up with Shipwize on Facebook.
  • Follow Shipwize on Twitter.
  • View Shipwize Services, Rates, Process & Restricted Items.
  • Overview of Shipwize.


The app uses Facebook’s Pop framework. It has minimum, but fluid animations. The navigation menu is accessed by a simple tap of a button which then takes over the screen and makes it easy to navigate between views. The app is available for Android and iOS devices running iOS 8 and above.