Add, edit, delete

To add a vending machine simply tap the pin button. Want to add more details? Just tap the tags to add more details. That simple! Vending machines can be updated and deleted just as easily too!

Street View

Explore the map with tilt, rotate, zoom and use 3D to see a vending machine's exact location. Want a closer look? How about Google Street View? The choice is yours.

Night Mode

Night mode makes it easier to view the map in the evening. The map has four style; Normal, Gray, Dark and Night Mode. There is also normal Maps mode, Terrain mode and Satellite mode.

Built for every iPhone

Vendi was built to support every iPhone running iOS 10 and up. Vendi will work on devices as old as the iPhone 5. With this many devices supported, everyone is only a tap away from finding nearby vending machines.

Other Features

Profile Management

Registered users can manage thier vending machines from thier profile.

3D Touch

Preview vending machines and ​use quick actions like directions or Street View.

Colorful map pins

Pins on the map are color coded so that you can quickly see the machine types.

Colorful machines

Vending machines in the list are color also coded so that you can quickly see the machine types.

Download Today!

Download today and start exploring the thousands of vending machine located nearby!


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Updates and Privacy Policy

Upcoming updates and privacy policy.

July, 2019

Vendi 2.0

Vendi 2.0 will have a new UI, load vending machines faster and users can add machines without registering.